Strategic Partners Updates: Stay Informed, Stay Invested

Prerna Malhotra Soni, the Chief Executive Officer of Balaji Soni Hospital, is a dynamic and young leader with a diverse skill set spanning Information Technology, Healthcare, and Education. Armed with an MBA from Monash University, Australia, and enriched by global exposure, she has consistently demonstrated her prowess in establishing new ventures and achieving remarkable success. Prerna is a strategic thinker coupled with a penchant for perfection, showcasing recognized expertise in optimizing business operations to fulfill corporate objectives, particularly in the education sector. Among her notable achievements are Balaji Soni Hospital and the Skill Oriented National Institute, both meticulously planned, designed, and developed under her adept supervision. Her leadership reflects a commitment to excellence, innovation, and transformative impact across various sectors.

Mrs. Swati Gilara, the visionary force behind Rambaju Jewellers, is an entrepreneur and crucial part at Innovher. Beyond her family business, she seamlessly navigates the worlds of jewelry and social media, infusing creativity and charm. A powerhouse of ambition, her leadership at Innovher reflects a commitment to excellence and transformative impact, particularly in empowering underrepresented communities and women. Swati's entrepreneurial spirit and innovation set her apart, leaving a sparkling legacy in business and beyond.

Mrs. Ritu Kogta, MBA in Marketing and HR from Mody University, boasts 6+ years in Business Development, specializing in textiles. Adept in strategic planning and client relations, she excels in project execution. Beyond her professional success, as a dedicated mother of two, she showcases exceptional multitasking skills. Mrs. Kogta is connected with InnovHer, a startup accelerator supporting women, specially-abled individuals, and the LGBTQ++ community. Her commitment to diversity and inclusivity makes her a crucial advocate, contributing to a dynamic startup ecosystem.

Nikita Nehra, stands as a true embodiment of modern achievement and balance.Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Healthcare, Nikita actively contributes to conferences, publishes in top-tier journals indexed in Scopus, and excels as an educator at prestigious institutions. In addition to her impressive achievements, Nikita is a proud member of Innovher, an innovative organization dedicated to empowering women founders, individuals with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community on their entrepreneurial journeys. As a member at innovher, her exceptional communication, team collaboration, and adaptability skills make her a highly valued asset in driving Innovher's mission. Nikita's ultimate goal is to continue contributing to Innovher's growth and expansion.

Pallavi Sharma, a multi-faceted professional with a remarkable background in healthcare and academia. Equipped with a BDS degree and extensive experience in hospital management, she offers a unique and valuable skillset. Pallavi Sharma, epitomises the modern multitasker, seamlessly balances her roles as a successful businesswoman and dedicated homemaker. Fearlessly navigating entrepreneurship, she contributes significantly to Innovher's mission of mentoring and supporting women founders, specially-abled entrepreneurs, and those from the queer community. Pallavi's journey reflects a harmonious blend of professional excellence and domestic warmth, showcasing her ability to tackle challenges in both the boardroom and home with grace. Beyond her corporate prowess, Pallavi is a talented dancer and musician, adding a vibrant creative dimension to her life. As a dynamic force driving success in business, nurturing homes, and embracing the cadence of creativity.

Namarata Sahoo, Namrata Sahoo, a seasoned business leader in certification and skilling based in The Netherlands, holds an electrical engineering degree and boasts over a decade of industry experience. She has played a pivotal role in the growth of mature markets and has a unique track record of opening new markets in certification and skilling. Beyond her core focus, Namrata is an angel investor in healthtech and edtech, actively contributing to advancements in healthcare and education. Currently, she is a key contributor to a venture capital fund, utilizing her industry insights to identify and nurture high-potential startups. Namrata is also associated with Innovher, a dedicated organization supporting women founders, specially-abled entrepreneurs, and queer community startup aspirants. In this role, she brings her expertise to fast-track entrepreneurial journeys, offering guidance on fundamental growth aspects from pre-seed to seed rounds, exemplifying her commitment to fostering innovation and inclusivity.

Mr. Tushar Bagda , has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from American University, Washington DC and an MBA in Marketing and Media Management from Fordham University, New York City. He has US work experience in Finance, IT and the jewellery business. Since 2014 he has been the Managing Director of Bagda’s Auto Spares Ltd in Nairobi, one of the largest parts distributors in Kenya. He is happily married to Rupali and they have two wonderful children. Tushar has been a Vegan since 2012 and is a passionate promoter of Animal Rights and Sustainability.

Saurabh Sharma, Experienced Investor with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management industry. Strong entrepreneurship professional skilled in Analytical Skills, Equities, Capital Markets, Management, and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). Health Plus is a medical device distribution platform with access to all major hospitals in North India. Currently dealing in the cardiovascular device segment.The company serves as an investment vehicle to fund healthcare companies (from seed level to pre-series A) Urban Realty develops commercial spaces and creates rental income for itself. Recently ventured into the hospitality sector with a boutique hotel and resort. Vision is to create a passion-driven investment portfolio (generating passive income) with attractive level of risk and reward

CA Abhinav Kapoor , The Finance Vertical Head of the TOF Consultancy Pvt Ltd, has nearly a decade of experience in the Finance Sector. He became a qualified Chartered Accountant in the year 2012 and adding to it he is also a Law Graduate from the University Of Rajasthan. He worked as a Credit Manager with ICICI Bank for approximately 3 years. With his vast experience, he is taking care of SME Funding and Project Loans.

Milapsinh Jadeja , brings over 20 years of senior management experience across varied industries, from Pharmaceuticals to Food & Hospitality. As a sector-agnostic Angel investor, he excels in investments, venture building, and value creation. Beyond his business acumen, Milapsinh is a talented photographer with accolades including the Lalitkala state award and recognition by international platforms like the UN FAO and Better Photography magazine. He's also a key figure in film production, with several premieres at esteemed festivals like Busan and Berlin, and awards such as the Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival. Moreover, he actively contributes to CSR efforts, particularly documenting issues surrounding marginalized communities in Ahmedabad.

Swapnil Dangayach , Swapnil, a second-generation entrepreneur and dedicated investor, boasts over 8 years of expertise in retail manufacturing and distribution. Leading sales and operations, he nurtures strategic alliances. An MBA graduate from SP Jain, Mumbai, he prioritizes ongoing learning, evidenced by visits to 11 countries for business insights. Swapnil is committed to impact investing and actively engages in CSR endeavors, notably medical camps and water projects. His vision is to create new opportunities through collaboration, driving high growth and diversification in revenue streams, while firmly believing in the mantra that learning is a continuous process.

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