Innovher joins hands as an Ecosystem Partnership with PIEDES BITS Pilani for Womenpreneurs in Bharat 1.0"

2 hours ago

We are excited to announce that we joined hands with PIEDES BITS as an ecosystem partnership for Bharat 1.0 dedicated for women entrepreneurs! This movement is set up to empower the startup program which will be led by the PIEDS BITS Pilani, WEP NITI Aayog, and Aditya Birla Capital Foundation, which is to foster the movement including diversity and innovation. We shared the primary goal to favor women's empowerment thus joined hands on the #womenpreneursForBharat1.0 program. The initiative aims to support female entrepreneurs in Bharat with funding and incubation support, primarily in the states of Rajasthan, Jammu Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, and Haryana

Innovher is committed to supporting, mentoring, and nurturing women, LGBTQ++, and specially-abled entrepreneurs. Using our knowledge, we concentrate on the second and third tires of the early revenue stages of startups, with the goal of altering the nature of innovation. Offering the chance to invest in the startup that is being mentored is one of our main priorities. With our group of committed professionals supporting the ecosystem, we are useful.

With the ecosystem partnership, Innovher represents a significant advancement forward in the mission to catalyze inclusivity and innovation in the entrepreneurial landscape. This collaboration goes beyond simple cooperation; it is a dedication to creating equality and giving marginalized voices a voice. Beyond the norm, Innovher is committed to promoting inclusivity to women, specially-abled and LGBTQ++ entrepreneurs.

Our objective as we start this exciting journey is to not only offer helpful tools and assistance to women but also to ignite a movement that encourages long-lasting change. We cordially invite visionaries, entrepreneurs, and makers of change to accompany us on this life-changing adventure. Let's work together to advance entrepreneurship into a time when all ideas, no matter where they come from, have the potential to have a significant

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