Unleashing the Power of Diversity: Innovher's Inspirational Journey

2 hours ago

Step into a world where innovation knows no boundaries. At InnovHer, we believe that diversity is the wellspring of innovation. We are proud to present our brochure that showcases our relentless commitment to accelerating the LGBTQ community and disabled women, while paving the way for aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

The inauguration ceremony at the Rajasthan Innovation Center marked the launch of Innovher, a groundbreaking initiative focused on promoting and supporting Women, LGBTQ+, and Specially Abled Founders in the startup ecosystem. The event drew the attention of prominent figures in the startup world who gathered to discuss the state of the startup landscape, particularly addressing the question, "Startup Ecosystem – An Equal Playground or Still a Man’s World?" The panel featured accomplished women founders and leaders, including Alka Batra, Rimi Shekhawat, Raghushree Poddar, Dr. Pooja Aggarwal, and Shweta Singh, who shared valuable insights and perspectives on the challenges faced by underrepresented entrepreneurs.

The discussions during the event shed light on aspects often overlooked, with participants like Pushpa Mai, Chandan Verma, Surashree Rahane, and Anamika Joshi contributing their unique experiences. The overarching theme emphasized the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive ecosystem that empowers underrepresented entrepreneurs. Despite acknowledging progress, the panel recognized existing barriers and biases that continue to hinder the success of women, LGBTQ+, and specially abled individuals in entrepreneurship.

Dr. Shweta Choudhary, the Founder Director of Innovher, expressed the initiative's mission to provide guidance, mentorship, investment, and networking opportunities to support these founders. Digvijay Singh, CTO of Innovher, outlined a vision that goes beyond a traditional startup accelerator, positioning Innovher as a movement that aims to foster collaboration and innovation. The initiative has set an ambitious target of providing over Rs. 10 crore in funds through investments and grants to eligible startups in the next year, signaling a strong commitment to supporting the growth of startups in the region.

The strength of the Innovher campaign lies in its team, with mentor Sushil Sharma and a dedicated group of professionals contributing their expertise and support. Sharma, the CEO of Marwari Catalysts, brings valuable experience to the Innovher portfolio. The team, comprising individuals like Nikhil Gupta and Dishank Sharma, adds a dynamic element with their own startup experiences, making Team Innovher a formidable force. The launch of Innovher is poised to bring new opportunities for startup equality and inclusivity in Jaipur, setting the stage for positive changes in the local entrepreneurial landscape.

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