"Innovher Shines at Rajasthan Police's RACCAM Hackathon 1.0: Empowering Communities and Tackling Cyber Crime"

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In a groundbreaking collaboration with Rajasthan Police's Cyber Crime Awareness Mission (RACCAM), InnovHer played a pivotal role in the recently contucted Hackathon 1.0, a two-day event aimed at identifying talent, innovative ideas, and technological solutions to combat cyber threats. Launched on 17th january 2024, the Hackathon was a part of RACCAM's broader initiative to create a secure cyberspace by engaging with individuals, industry experts, startups, and educational institutions.

Championing Diversity: A Unique Approach to Acceleration:

RACCAM, led by Rajasthan Police, is a collaborative initiative bringing together law enforcement, the public, and professionals from diverse sectors like IT, academia, banks, and ethical hackers. Through the creation of a joint 'Morcha' (front) against digital threats and cybercrime, RACCAM aims to strengthen the defenses of the digital realm and enhance awareness about cyber threats, where, Teams engaged in addressing problem statements spanning various areas such as the Dark Web, Social Media Alert, Crime Stats Analysis, HR Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning. The objective was to develop groundbreaking solutions contributing to the ongoing battle against cybercrime.

InnovHer, as a prominent participant in the event, made a significant impact on the first day. Mr. Saurabh Diwadi, the founder of LALANTOP, shared his insights on the Role of Media in Cyber Crime Awareness. His perspective provided valuable insights into how media can play a pivotal role in educating the public about cyber threats.

On the second day, the stage witnessed the presence of Dr. Shweta Chaudhry, the founder of InnovHer, who dedicated her address to empowering underrepresented communities and supporting them in achieving new heights. Dr. Chaudhry's inspirational words resonated with the audience, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity in the fight against cybercrime.

Later that evening, the stage was graced by the renowned actor and mentor, Mr. Jitender Kumar, popularly known as Jeetu Bhaiya. As a guest of InnovHer, he shared real-life lessons and learnings from his journey as an engineering student, imparting valuable insights to the eager audience.

A Unified Effort Towards a Secure Digital Future, InnovHer's strategic partner, Learn and Build, played a crucial role in the success of the Hackathon. As the knowledge partner associated with InnovHer, Learn and Build focuses on the high demand tech skills development, like Data Science , Artificial intelligence, IOT and DevOps, etc. and online certification programs on the latest technologies. Their expertise added depth to the event, contributing to the overall learning experience for the participants.

The collaboration between InnovHer and RACCAM's Hackathon 1.0 exemplifies the power of collective efforts in tackling contemporary challenges. By fostering innovation, empowering communities, and bringing together diverse perspectives, the event contributes to the broader mission of creating a secure and aware cyberspace in Rajasthan and beyond.As the curtain falls on Hackathon 1.0, the impact of this event extends beyond the two days, leaving a lasting impression on the participants, industry experts, and the community at large. The shared commitment to addressing cyber threats underscores the importance of collaborative initiatives in building a resilient and secure digital future.

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